We work with clients to help them & their loved ones qualify for governmental benefits such as those offered by Medi-Cal (California’s Medicaid) and the VA Aid and Attendance. Medi-Cal benefits are available to those needing nursing home care. The VA Aid and Attendance benefit is available to veterans who need care. senior-family

If you or a loved one needs skilled nursing home care, is in the hospital and the doctors are telling you that s/he can’t go home and needs skilled nursing care, or is declining and may need skilled nursing home care in the near future, we can help you to qualify and obtain Medi-Cal benefits. Click here for our FREE REPORT on Medi-Cal Eligibility for Nursing Home Care: How to Qualify for Medi-Cal.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Medi-Cal: how to qualify, who can qualify, when and how much in assets one can have and still receive the benefit. We work with you and your family to clear up the misconceptions and determine the best plan for you & your future. We walk you through the Medi-Cal process from initial contact through preparing to apply for Medi-Cal, the Medi-Cal application, and ongoing recertification. senior 3

If you’d like to see if you could qualify for Medi-Cal, click here to get our FREE Medi-Cal Eligibility Analysis. Once we receive your completed form, we’ll send you your report and analysis within 48 hours. You can always make an appointment to talk to us directly, too, by calling us at 925.307.6543 of clicking on the tree to the right to make an appointment online.

Christina is also a VA-accredited attorney, and as such, works with clients to obtain the VA benefit. A veteran of a foreign war, or spouse of a veteran (living or deceased) who qualifies for the benefit (who is disabled, as defined by the VA) can apply to receive pretty substantial sums to aid in their care.

senior 5There are several misnomers about the VA Benefit, one being the fact that you CAN have more than $80,000 is assets and still qualify for the benefit.

Usually, the VA benefit is only part of long term care planning for the elder client, which will also involve asset protection, disability planning and Medi-Cal planning.

Unlike Medi-cal, there currently is no “look-back” period for the Aid & Attendance Benefit. This allows claimants and their families to preserve their estates from recovery, while still being able to draw a tax-free benefit to help pay for Assisted Living, In-home care or Skilled Nursing. If done correctly prior to applying for the benefit, claimants can protect their estates without jeopardizing their eligibility for these government entitlement programs. So instead of spending down or gifting away assets, we help educate families on the various options available (within the statutes of the law) to protect the assets while still being able to access them through a fiduciary or trustee. seniors 5

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