February starts divorce season! Wait, what?

I’ve always told my clients, friends, family, colleagues and associates that February is the busiest time for divorce.  No one wants to file for divorce over the holidays, so starting in about the second week of November, the new client divorce work slows down (now, existing clients, that’s when they really heat up with various child visitation shenanigans concerns for the holidays).  January is frequently a little slow since everyone – including me – is busy getting back into the swing of things after the new year.  By the latter part of January, though, and really speeding up in February, though, the divorce work increases.

It’s sad and ironic that the month that also holds Valentine’s Day is also one of the busiest divorce months.  An article I read seems to explain this well, so I wanted to share it with you.

In what month did you file for divorce?


How to survive Valentine’s Day if you’re divorced

Being reminded of one’s single-hood after divorce can be tough.  Valentine’s Day, tomorrow, is probably the biggest reminder of romantic relationships all around us.  Here is a primer for what to do – and what not to do – on this day of romance.

Divorced, or divorcing?  What do you plan to do this Valentine’s Day?