Planning to remarry? A helpful ‘to do’ list before you walk down the aisle (again)

The decision to remarry is a big one, especially after the pain and ordeal of divorce. Divorce in the best of circumstances is still very difficult.  While it can be overwhelming, it is very important to ensure that these steps are completed/taken care of before the second marriage starts.  Here is the detailed list, but items on the “to do” list include determining if child support or social security benefits are affected by the remarriage, realizing that alimony may be affected (and in California will end) by your remarriage, determining if you intend to relocate and how that will affect any child custody orders, ensuring that your estate planning documents are up to date, such as your nomination of guardian, living trusts, wills, etc., and – of course most importantly – ensuring that your divorce was indeed final before marrying again.