Getting through your California divorce

There are many aspects of California divorce: there are the legal aspects, obviously, and the financial aspects. But there are also the emotional aspects and the lifestyle aspects that are too often overlooked. Divorce is, above all, a process and an adjustment, and we need lots of support, in various manifestations, to get through it.  Here is some advice on this very topic.

Best practices in California divorce: stay out of court!

I found this article on staying out of court in divorce to be very well written with some great points. I always work with my clients on their divorce in a way that serves and helps them in the best way. Some clients have high conflict cases that really cannot avoid court. Some clients need a little help with paperwork, strategy, negotiations, or other smaller issues.  And then there’s everyone in between. If you have a lawyer, or consult with one, who is “one size fits all” and does not seem willing to work with you in your case, then you may want to consider another option. Remember, it’s YOUR family, YOUR money, and ultimately, YOUR life. You choose how the divorce will go, and who will help you. I would suggest working with someone who will listen to you and help you with what you need instead of making things worse.