Being thankful for your divorce. Wait, what?

One week past the Thanksgiving holiday, and I wonder if we’re able to continue the feeling of gratitude from that day.  Are there reasons you can think of to be thankful for your divorce?  Here are some reasons to be thankful for divorce.

Finding gratitude in divorce

One article I read recently says, “Divorce has not made me a victim; instead it has given me the gifts of courage, strength, creativity, self awareness, gratitude, love, and control over my destiny.”

I think it’s fair to say that no one walks down the aisle or says “I do” with the thought that the future would hold court filings and “irreconcilable differences” in it.  We don’t expect divorce, generally, and so it can be a difficult adjustment.  Moving past the hurt, anger and grief, however, can be quite liberating and joyful.

Have you moved on?  How did you do it?  What’s the best thing to come out of your divorce?