Divorce & Family Law FAQs

We know that getting a divorce is not only difficult, but also can be confusing and frustrating. There’s just so much information out there, and it can be tough to figure out what applies to you & your situation, how to move forward, and just were to turn for help. We try to provide as much information as we can so that our clients can make the best possible decisions for themselves and their families and future. Here’s a selection of some of our articles on divorce & family law in California:  divorce split paper

How to file for California divorce

Looking for a free California divorce consultation? Why it’s not worth it

Thinking about filing for divorce? What you need to do first

How to prepare for divorce in California

The divorce process in California

4 reasons why waiting to hire a divorce attorney is a mistake you don’t want to make

Secrets of a divorce attorney: Why a free consultation isn’t worth the money

Legal Separation versus Divorce in California: pros and cons of each

What is a dissolution and why can’t California just call it a divorce?

Keeping your sanity in divorce

Mediation in California divorce: What is it? How is it helpful? Who needs it?

What happens with your child when your unmarried relationship ends? The California paternity case

UPA: Paternity action in California

Getting a divorce? How to decide if you need a lawyer

Don’t make your California divorce worse than it already is: avoid these all-too-common mistakes

What are “irreconcilable differences” in California divorce?

Filing your California divorce case: when and who should go first?

Dissolution: issues in a California divorce

What is your date of marriage and date of separation in California divorce, and why are these critical dates?

Child custody and visitation in California divorce

Financial issues in California divorce

Child and spousal support in California divorce

Child Support Calculations in California

Parenting well in divorce

Property and debt division in California divorce

Changing child custody and visitation after your California divorce is final

Make sure your California divorce attorney knows estate planning. And your California estate planning attorney? Make sure they know family law, too.

Don’t overlook these important estate planning concerns in California divorce

Your pending California divorce case: What to do with your will/trust or estate plan

Estate planning and California divorce: a checklist to avoid disaster

So, your spouse has hired a lawyer in your California divorce. What do you do? How to negotiate with OPC (opposing counsel)

Secrets of child and spousal support (alimony) in California divorce

Divorce hearing coming up? Tips to make it more successful and less nerve-wracking

Your family law hearing in California divorce: child custody, child visitation, child support, spousal support, attorney fees…

How to avoid screwing up your California divorce: don’t make these mistakes!

Best practices in California divorce: stay out of court!

When to go back to court and change your children’s custody/visitation plan after your California divorce is final

California divorce: My ex is crazy! How do I get the judge to see this?!

Divorce and the sleepover with the new boy-/girlfriend: When is it ok when there are children in the house?


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