More on your California divorce court hearing: decorum in the courtroom

When you are in the courtroom, you want to act appropriately and avoid angering the judge. If you make the judge mad, he or she will remember it, and you don’t want that hanging over you. Some tips:

-Dress appropriately, like you’re going to a wedding or church. You CAN wear jeans, but if you’re dressed nicely, you’ll act more formally – which would be appropriate – and you’ll look more serious (and honest).

-Don’t interrupt anyone – and by anyone, we mean the judge, other court personnel or your soon to be ex-spouse. Wait for a break to request to be heard if you feel you’re being ignored.

-Treat everyone with courtesy and respect, even if you don’t think they deserve it. This includes bailiffs, court clerks and assistants, AND opposing attorneys.

-Don’t get mad, or at least if you do, try to continue to act with courtesy and respect. When you get mad, you lose your perspective, you say things you don’t mean, and you’re likely to get in trouble in one way or another. The depth of your feeling or anger will not win you any points with anyone.

-THANK the judge before you leave, regardless of the outcome.

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