Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Violence in a marriage is a serious issue faced by many spouses.  In the event your spouse hurts you or puts you in danger (note: this does not have to be physical violence but can include verbal threats and harassment, among many other things), then you should call 911 immediately.  If you are in a car, drive to the nearest police station. The most important first action in this case is to ensure your safety and the safety of your children.  In many cases, the police officers can issue an Emergency Protective Order that can force your spouse out of the home for a few days, and set you for a court hearing within a few days time.

Once you have the protective order and are safe, consider having at least a consultation with a qualified attorney.  You do not want to go into court not knowing what the judge is looking for and/or not being able to prove your case and having the restraining order denied when it should not be.  Even if you cannot afford to hire an attorney, your safety and the safety of your children is worth at least a consultation with a lawyer who will give you REAL advice and not just demand a high retainer to help you. There are also many resources in each county to offer you assistance with paperwork or help to find a safe place to stay.  Check with your local county resources.

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