What was the cause of YOUR divorce?

Finances and money problems are often cited as the “leading” cause of divorce.  In my blogging over time, I have looked for statistics that back up this oft-quoted factoid.  I’ve not been able to find much of anything, so I am always curious about articles that discuss the various reasons for divorce.  Many studies look at the age of individuals getting married, and they show that the younger you get married, the more likely you are to divorce.  In my practice, since California is a no-fault divorce state, it doesn’t really matter WHY a couple gets divorced.  Often, though, my clients tell me, and I don’t think that I can identify any recurring pattern in the hundreds of clients I have worked with.  Often I hear from clients that the divorce had been a long time in coming, and the person was just now getting around to the actual divorce, either because the children have reached a pre-determined “appropriate” age (according to the individual), or they have left the house, or the individual has just gotten sick of living in a half-life.

I was reading a recent article about the reasons for divorce, and it put forth some interesting results, showing a more complex behavior pattern behind divorce.  Since divorces are as individual as, well, individuals, it doesn’t seem unlikely that the reasons for divorce are as varied.  What do you think?  What caused your divorce?


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