Back on Board: New Series

Wow! Nearly two weeks without a post, and me here with the commitment to write each weekday… Yikes!

It’s been an unusual start to the year, with technological challenges (Windows Vista finally making me crazy and my web site hosting deciding not to forward my emails), so I have had to move my attention to fixing those little problems. I also spent some time adding material to my web site (here), including FAQ, posting several very informative articles, and creating a way for clients to pay for consultations with a credit card online. I decided to give a discount for anyone looking for four hours of time with me, reducing the fee for that by more than 15%. Finally, I am working on two final projects: completing the transfer of my Mediation, Trusts & Estates (MTE) web site from it’s old (and complex and frustrating) hosting to the new (wonderful, easy, customizable and pretty) hosting, and putting together a newsletter for MTE that includes several ‘cross-over’ articles on the intersection of estate planning and family law. I’ll be posting that next week.

And that brings me to my new series, which will also be on the intersection of family law and estate planning. It’s a long series, about ten articles, so I may take a couple detours here and there to veer off to other subjects. I am excited about this series because it brings together my two passions: family law and estate planning. There are some nuances to the overlap that are critical. Further, too many family law clients either do not get counseled on the importance of estate planning post-divorce, or they are counseled but are too exhausted by the time their case is over.

Estate planning affects all aspects of a family law case, including custody and visitation (the need to have a Nomination of Guardian), the division of property (the need for a living trust and will as well as to change your beneficiaries, divide property and move on once it’s over), and the emotions of a family law case. I look forward to diving into this series, and hope you enjoy it too!

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